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People@ is a leading consulting firm specialized in human capital development within a connected world and a ever-shifting marketplace. With 15+ years of proven experience, our skills include robust strategic planning and executive search backgrounds. We focus mostly on industries such as: legal, media, technology, energy, hospitality, financial and services.
Our mission is to become the #1 human capital partner for our clients, while helping them aggregate and nurture the right structure and skills.




Management Assessment

• Structure assessment and recommendations.
• Personnel, leadership skills analysis.
• Process and systems mapping and strategic recommendations.


• Candidate profiling and optimal job design.
• Search, filtering, reference checking and assessments.
• Inbound process & training.


• Competition structure and personnel mapping.
• Competitive analysis: sales, operations, opportunities.
• Key personnel industry mapping.


• People outplacement strategy.
• Individual coaching.
• Outbound office services.




Employer branding & reputation
Given the new world of social transparency, organizations can no longer afford to rely only on recruitment advertising to build a positive employer brand image. With employee advocacy growing ever more important, consistent values and vitality of organizational cultures will be a must for employers reputation among new generation and strategic talent.
Toward a more strategic HR function
HR is about people, which is the core of an organization and its strategic plan. Social technology enables organizations to draw up new team structures and ways of working. Strategic HR means, forward thinking design and implementation of consistant internal practices to ensure that human capital contributes to the achievement of its business objectives.

Mobile recruitment
The mobile explosion changed the recruiting game. In 2010, only 10 % of job seekers used their mobile phone to search and apply for jobs. Today, that figure had risen to 75%. With the seismic shift towards mobile-savvy job-seekers, recruiters face a blunt choice. They must either strategize for radical change or compromise their ability to compete for talent.
New leadership style
The complexity of globalization and technology are putting demands on leadership models. Leaders today must be highly flexible, comfortable with fast-changing environments and capable of utilizing multiple leadership styles. Honesty, transparency, flexibility, real time feedback are new terms on the field.

Human capital equal to company´s value
Human capital viewed as an asset on the balance sheet rather than a liability. Companies that will invest in their employees to create positive environments in which they can work, will out-perform financially their competitors.
Technology and HR platforms
Businesses are reaching out to cloud-computing & big data analysis to predict more accurately employment and talent trends as input to HR planning and management. Business intelligence, Open Knowledge, LMS Tranning Platforms are here to stay.



Founder & CEO

Associate at SWS (International Leading Consulting Firm) & CEO and Founder at People@. With 20+ years of experience in the consulting, media y cultural industries, María has been involved in the strategic development and launch of several startups (The Pool, Boletia, Lina Salud, People@, Vitral Magazine), and worked at leading finance, cultural and media institutions, offering her widespread expertise in project management and platforms innovation. In addition to her entrepreneurial experience, Maria had the opportunity to work for seven years as Project Manager at Rothschild Bank and Banco Bankaool. Subsequently Maria was involved as Logistics Coordinator for the privatization of Mexico’s Airport System. María tought Operation Research at the ITAM. She launched Vitral magazine, (UNAM-ICS, 2002) and became Associate Director of Editorial Taller Ditoria in 2005. Maria was Editorial Manager of the Grupo Televisa Espacio de Vinculación (2009 -2012) and “Grupo de los 16” Foundation Trustee. María holds a B.A. and an M.A. in International Business Management from ITAM (Mexico) as well as a second M.A. in Psychology from the ITREM.


Founder and Partner

She began her career in the research area, researching the consumer, life sciences, financial services, technology and industrial practices for some of the world’s most prestigious executive search firms. Her experience lies mainly in conducting pre-screening and interviews for senior-level assignments, focusing solely on the Global Technology and Services Practice and Consumer and Industrial practices, where she has participated in different projects and searches for executive roles, including Country Managers, Finance Directors, CIO’s, and Commercial and Marketing Directors , among others. Before joining SWS/ People@, she was a Sr. Sales Consultant at Delta Management. Prior to that, she was Associate at the Mexico City Office of Heidrick & Struggles, supporting the GTS, Consumer and Industrial practices. Before joining Heidrick & Struggles, Vanessa was Recruitment and Selection Specialist at Axa Insurance, giving sole support to the Commercial Area. She has also worked for two global executive search firms as Project Coordinator and Search Analyst, supporting the GTS and Industrial Practices, and focusing on top level positions.



She has experience assembling teams for the publishing and media industries and specializes in the creation and launching of new publishing projects. Before People@, she worked at Casa de Bolsa Bancomer and, after studying a master’s degree, she started her career in the publishing world at Editorial Televisa. Mayalen launched and directed RSVP, one of the supplements of Mexican newspaper Excélsior (2006) and Central magazine at Proyecto 40 (2012 / TV Azteca). She is consultant of publishing, media, communication and PR.
Mayalen studied Business Administration at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and has an MSc in History of International Relations by The London School of Economics.


Contact Us

If you interested in our work or have any question you can contact us here.

Information People@

Address : Julio Verne 89 – 303
Colonia Polanco Reforma
Delegación Miguel Hidalgo
CP 11550, México City.

Telephone : +52 55 5280 3300 / 5280 4011


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